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The Power of Plants and SummerTree

SummerTree’s Water-Wise Landscaping Program focuses on helping you create a beautiful landscape design using much less water, minimal soil amendments, and incredible water-saving plants to achieve an attractive yard that you’ll want to spent many hours enjoying.

Water-wise gardens can be both lush and efficient in water use, and require very little maintenance, water or fertilizers. Cutting your water use outside doesn’t reduce the enjoyment of your yard, it actually adds to it. You’ll find the journey to a water-wise landscape can happen at no cost to your lifestyle; in fact, it will enhance your lifestyle.

The SummerTree Institute has developed inspiring events and informative products to help you tackle your own landscaping using an earth-friendly, low-maintenance approach. Our Water-Wise Landscaping Program offers an engaging Water-Wise Landscaping DVD, as well as workshops, classes, and lectures by special arrangement with The Power of Plants. For upcoming workshops and events, please click here.

Our Water-Wise Landscaping DVD takes you on a fun journey with professional botanist, Robin Kobaly, through all the essential information you need to transform your High-Desert yard into a beautiful, earth-friendly, water-wise landscape. You choose your path of discovery by selecting topics within yard themes grouped by water-use needs. This comprehensive DVD, with nearly four hours of hard-to-find expert information, covers the resources you will need to plan, design, plant, irrigate, and maintain an attractive, drought-tolerant landscape.

To help you choose the right plants, you will find descriptions and growing tips for over 80 plants suited to high-desert gardens, all grouped by water-use themes. Discover how you can create beautiful drought-tolerant landscaping in the high deserts of the Southwest with valuable tips and insider’s information. Robin leads you on this journey with fun demonstrations and real-life examples of yard solutions.

Special Features:

Yard Design
Understanding Soil and Mulch
Planting Tips
Maintaining a Healthy Landscape
Profiles of 84 Star-Performing Plants


“All I can say is Wow! The presentation – Robin, the DVD –
was simply superb…”
~ Michael Stevens,
Community Liaison Officer,

Mojave Water Agency

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